Uses This

A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.


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A picture of Kate Lacour

Kate Lacour

Cartoonist, art therapist

A picture of Zach Gage

Zach Gage

Game developer, artist

A picture of Frances Berriman

Frances Berriman

Designer, developer, artist

A picture of Tooba Rezaei

Tooba Rezaei

Visual and animation artist

A picture of Sara Hendren

Sara Hendren

Artist, design researcher, writer

A picture of Emily Haasch

Emily Haasch

Artist, designer

A picture of Helen Shewolfe Tseng

Helen Shewolfe Tseng

Artist, designer, wolf witch

A picture of Elissa Logozio

Elissa Logozio

Artist, life coach

A picture of Leon Chang

Leon Chang

Artist, musician

A picture of Kate Compton

Kate Compton

Artist, inventor

A picture of Brianna Howard

Brianna Howard

Artist, tattooist

A picture of Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman

Artist, sculptor

A picture of David Lublin

David Lublin

Developer, artist, co-founder (VIDVOX)

A picture of Katie Rose Pipkin

Katie Rose Pipkin

Artist, developer

A picture of Jenn Schiffer

Jenn Schiffer

Artist, engineer (Fog Creek)